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The Hardman Window

The Hardman window is internationally recognised as one of the oldest and most significant stained-glass windows in Australia. It is being removed in pieces to be carefully restored by Moss Vale Glass, and will be back in place for the reopening of the Cathedral planned for the end of November. Heritage preservation isn’t usually an […]

Heritage Families

On the weekend of 7th and 8th May, we launched our #CathedralHeritageFamily campaign – connecting with individuals and families who have celebrated significant events at the Cathedral. We have asked 2 questions : How has the Cathedral contributed over generations of your family? How can your family contribute to the ongoing life of the Cathedral? […]

Friends Reunited

“ Loose lips sink ships” and so it was on Saturday night 7th May when stories were shared at St Patrick’s Tech reunion… who knew that the lads doing target practice in the playground at St Pats Tech managed to shoot 180 degrees in the other direction , taking potshots at the pigeons on the […]

Heady Heights!

Have you been sitting in Roses Cafe and watching the roofers who are now on the Verner St side of the Cathedral? It’s fascinating to watch them traversing the roof which is such a pitch. On this side of the Cathedral they are working upwards. As they get closer to the flèche ( that little […]


Everyone is wondering just what is going on INSIDE the Cathedral at the moment – it’s a no-go zone for the next few months – and here is why! There is lead paint on the walls, and where the render is drummy it falls away, leaving the stonework exposed. So, the first job is to […]

Above and Below – the work continues

The creation of the crypt below the altar took almost ten years, and is a feat of engineering that impresses everyone who visits the Cathedral. However, there is still underpinning to be done to stabilize the cathedral due to subsidence and rising damp. While work is going on overhead, the structural engineers have been overseeing […]

The Archbishop has blessed the Tradies

Following Fr Laurie Blake’s funeral, Archbishop Prowse visited the Cathedral to see the extent of works already underway. He blessed and encouraged the tradespeople to do their best work in restoring the Cathedral to her former glory, and spoke about the vision that brought the Cathedral to life in the 1800s. He gave them his […]

Off with the Roof!

The Restoration works are now happening – the slate roof tiles are being replaced and new battens and insulation are being installed. We are just praying that the rain will stay away a little longer. The roof will hopefully be watertight by early March, so that work can begin inside the Cathedral. Once the roof […]

The Stations of the Cross

The fourteen Stations of the Cross have been carefully removed and taken to Sydney for cleaning and restoration. The work is being undertaken by International Conservation Services. We have a local connection in that Adam Godjen from ICS is a former student and parishioner. You can watch Adam, Oliver and the team removing the Stations […]

A project of the National Trust of Australia (NSW) and the Sts Peter and Paul’s Old Cathedral Restoration Appeal.

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